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D.F. 1966-2012 - Miss You

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CCFC Memorial

As in all clubs, we have members that have passed on. Without it's members a club is nothing. It is the members that make any club. Below are members that have passed on, but we thank them for enrichening the club, the hobby and our lives.

Doug Cooper   "Coop"-    1965-2015

Sadly, Doug passed away at home October 18th, 2015. Doug was on the executive as a director and was one of our more active memebrs. Our hearts go out to Jan, Carson and Amber. Thank you Doug for being a part of our club and also for being a friend to all of us. You are missed.


Shelagh Boyd 1956-2015

Shelagh, wife of CCFC President Mike Boyd passed away as a result from an accident in Iceland, while vacationing. To MIke and the entire Boyd/Donevan families, we are so, so sorry for your loss. 


Wilma Taylor 1962-2015

Wilma sadly passed away July 30th, 2015. Her laugh and enthusiasm will be missed at our shows. The CCFC sends our condolences to Andrew and the Dennis family. Thank you Wilma, for being a part of our club, and a friend to all of us. You are missed.


Lorraine Phillipo- Burford, Ontario, Canada


Not just the wife to Master Breeder Bobby Philipo, Lorraine was very much her own person and an integral part of our club. From record keeping, show set-up, hosting Fantail guys. Lorraine could do it all and she did without ever complaining. Lorraine, on behalf of the CCFC membership, we thank you. Our club shines a little less bright without you here. The Fancier of the Year award has now been re-named  The Lorraine Phillipo Award in honour of what Lorraine did and who she was. A true volunteeer. We miss you Lorraine. 


Master Breeder - Dani Falcone - Nepean, Ontario, Canada

Dani was one of,  if not the premier Breeder in the world. He loved the CCFC and he loved his Fantails. Sadly, we lost Dani in 2011. Thank you Dani, for being a part of the Fantail world and for everything you did. Your legacy lives on in lofts around the world. As of December 6th 2014. The Breeder of the Year Award, has been re-named "The Dani Falcone Award". We miss you Dani. 



Stan Racho

A Master Breeder and Proud Member of CCFC. Stan raised quality Fantails for years. Thank you Stan for being a part of our lives.