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CCFC L. Phillipo Award

The Fancier of the Year award is given out periodically to people who basically go over and above for the club. Or make significant contribtuons to the hobby. A very special thank you to all on behalf of our club and our hobby.

As of December 6th 2014 ~ This award is now called "The Lorriane Phillipo Award"


Past Recipients:

1991- Bob Phillipo

1993- Mike Boyd

1994- Jim Willis

1998- Dani Falcone

1999- Ben Ferber

2001- Rick Lozon

2004- Steve Wallace

2005- Brian Heck, Casey Vandermeer, Larry Maelbrancke

2006- Bob Pommer

2007- Steve Wallace

2008- Dani Falcone

2009- Steve Wallace

2010- Uwe Frommolt

2011- Bob Pommer

2013- Jeff Foote

2014- Lorraine Phillipo

2015- Steve Wallace, Doug Cooper, Wilma Taylor

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