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CCFC Dani Falcone Award

Previously this award was called Breeder of the Year. As of December 6th, 2014, it is now called "The Dani Falcone Award". This award is given to the member who accumulates the most Master Breeder points in the given year. 


1990Brian Pogue

1991 Bob Phillipo

1992 Bob Phillipo 

1993Bob Phillipo 

1994 Brian Pogue 

1995Brian Pogue 

1996Brian Pogue 

1997Brian Pogue 

1998 Domenic Zarlenga 

1999Dani Falcone 

2000 Ben Ferber

2001 Ben Ferber 

2002 Ben Ferber 

2003 Ben Ferber 

2004Bob Pommer 

2005Brian Pogue 

2006 Ben Ferber 

2007Ben Ferber 

2008Ben Ferber 

2009Dani Falcone 


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