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CCFC Award Program

MARK OF EXCELLENCE AWARD (nomination required) – The MASTER BREEDER AWARD rules apply with 300 points required in any colour, with the exception that one bird can accumulate a maximum of 200 points towards this award. A certificate will be awarded to recognized breeders. NOTE: An inactive member who returns to the club after 1994 may have points from 1974 to their return reinstated. 

ALL CANADIAN (nomination required) – A bird is eligible to win an ALL CANADIAN AWARD if it wins best of colour at 3 shows and 1 of the shows is a CCFC sponsored show (The CCFC Annual or Fanarama). 

FANTAIL OF THE YEAR (show secretary designates) – This annual recognition will be given to the bird that has earned the most Master Breeder points during a fiscal year. 

FANTAIL HALL OF FAME (nomination required) – Every once in a while there is an exceptional bird deserving of special recognition. Applications would be submitted to the awards committee with an explanation of why the bird was deserving of the award … along with a photograph of the bird. 

FANCIER OF THE YEAR (nomination required) – This award provides the opportunity to acknowledge a fancier for significant contributions to the fancy. The contribution may be breeding high quality Fantails, developing a new colour of Fantail, promotion and publicity, judging, showroom etiquette, etc. Nominations would be submitted to the awards committee for consideration. The appropriate documentation must accompany the nomination. A partnership or family is eligible for this award. The award cannot be presented to the same winner for 3 consecutive years. 

BREEDER OF THE YEAR (based upon Master Breeder points) – This award is presented to the individual breeder who has accumulated the most Master breeder points at CCFC sponsored shows within one show season. 

COLOUR OF THE YEAR – This award is presented to the BREEDER who accumulates the most points at CCFC shows in that show years designated “colour of the year”. Points will be awarded based upon 1 point being given for each bird that the breeder’s bird(s) beat in that class.

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